Btc X Pro

Earn Bitcoin through our rev share and team matrices.

Daily Package

Btc X Pro has a $1 daily subscription ad package. Each day you receive

1 revenue share ad package and a 1x1 cycler position for your $1.00 Daily subscription.

Revenue Share Ad Packs

Each revenue share ad pack cost after your daily subscription is just $0.50.
Each revenue share ad pack can earn up to 150% which would mature
that pack at $0.75.

Company Forced Team Matrices

Each Btc X Pro Matrix ad pack cost just $0.50 after your initial daily subscription.
When you purchase an additional matrix ad pack you are entered into a 1x1 matrix.

This is the smallest matrix you can have in any program. Once a member enters after you,
you will receive a $0.15 cycle bonus.

This gives a $0.15 daily cycle guarantee for each daily subscription.

Once you cycle the 1x1, you enter a 2x1 matrix.
Once you cycle the 2x1, you receive $0.20 and enter the 1x1 again.

As stated above, you will receive 1 entry into the 1x1 each day with your subscription.
You are able to purchase more 1x1 positions after you initiate your daily subscription.

Referral Commissions

You will receive 10% referral commission from every revenue share ad pack purchased.
This converts to a 5% commission from each pro member you refer daily.

Advertising Credit

Each daily package will award you 100 text and 100 banner credits.
With each Revenue share and each matrix ad pack you will be credited
 with an additional 100 banner and 100 text credits.

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